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Eyes in the Wild!

Why Is It Special

An Inevitable Event

Human Wildlife Conflict Mitigation is an important part of wildlife conservation and peaceful coexistence. In the last few years we have come across many instances of Human-Wildlife conflicts that have led to all types of loss from crops to human lives or even the lives of the animal in question. WildWatch™ plans to help mitigate these problems entirely using existing technologies more innovatively and effectively.

A Complete Solution

WildWatch™ deploys multiple modules on field to collect data in real-time. The collected data is processed by our specially designed servers and it detects animal conflicts with human inputs. This information is then used by rescue teams for conflict mitigation purposes. The same information is also spread across affected human population to ensure maximum safety during a Human-Wildlife Conflict.

Instant Response

With 24x7 online monitoring and organisational patrolling, an admin at the control center is always aware about the real-time situations in field. In the instance of a conflict, the response teams can be set to rescue with minutes. Thus, this system in effect increases the efficiency of forest deparment and other response teams which are included in human-wildllife conflict mitigation process.

Our Best Propositions for You!

As a company dedicated for wildlife conservation, our motto is to save wildlife and human life which are affected by Human-Wildlife Conflict. Therefore, as a step towards that, we have our app open to all for free use. Please use the below links to test and use our app for FREE!

Awesome Features


Information about conflict is propogated in about 10 seconds

Mobile App

Majot part of the system works using a mobile app, thus making it highly portable


The entire system is real-time and works at high speeds to ensure efficiency

Drone Surveillance

Custom made automated drones can be integrated to the system for arial surveillance. Currently under R&D

Fence Monitoring

Automated electric fence monitoring system can detect animal intrusion at peripheries of the forest areas.

Acoustic Detectors

Bio-acoustic animal detector can detect animals like elephants from a distance of 3-5 km and the information can be used as early warning.